D&B Report Guide - Slovenia

Facts and figures:

Country: Slovenia
International Dialling Code: 386
Legal Currencies: Slovenian Tolar
Population: 1,930,000 (2001)
Capital: Ljubljana
Language: Slovene
Time: GMT +1

D&B Business Information Report content:

D&B Rating Yes Credit Appraisal Yes
Public Data Yes Financial Ratios Yes
D&B Payment Score Yes    

Legal forms in Slovenia:

Legal Form Legal Form (local)
Proprietorship Samostojni podjetnik (SP)
Limited Co-Operative Zadruga z omejeno odgovornostjo (ZOO)
Private Limited Co Druzba z omejeno odgovornostjo (DOO)
Public Limited Co Delniska druzba (DD)
Unlimited Liability Co Druzba z neomejeno odgovornostjo (DNO)


Reg Date
Start Date
(minimum number)
Proprietorship Yes Yes None 1
Co-Operative Yes Yes None 3
Private Ltd Co Yes Yes 2,100,000 1
Public Ltd Co Yes Yes 6,000,000 5
Unlimited Liability Co Yes Yes None 2

'None'  means that there is no minimum capital requirement for these types of companies.

Legal filing requirements:

Public Limited Companies file accounts and publish them in national newspapers and Private Limited Company accounts are available through the payment bureau.

It is not compulsory for other company types in Slovenia to publish financial statements, however these companies are all obliged to prepare financial statements and file them with the State by 28 February each year. In general terms, financial statements can be obtained from state against payment. It is compulsory for Proprietorships to prepare financial but they cannot be obtained from state agencies against payment.

It is reported that Slovenian companies usually have a nominal capital figure which is lower than the issued capital figure. This is due to annual capital revaluation which is added to the issued capital figure each year.

D&B Business Information Report - data sources and data elements:

Here is a breakdown of information available in Slovenia and where this information is obtained from.

Trade Registrar's Office and Trade Registry Gazette:

  • Articles of Association
  • resolutions of the annual shareholders meetings
  • shareholders and percentage of shares held

Direct telephone interview:

  • activity/market territory
  • client type & number
  • premises/branches/divisions/employees
  • affiliations
  • principals and antecedents
  • expansion plans
  • balance sheets/profit & loss/projected sales

Business publications and news clippings:

  • news articles concerning the subject company and its shareholders
  • protested bills
  • uncovered cheques
  • bankruptcies
  • payment data

All publicly available data is collected and verified from each of the above data sources by our locally positioned D&B Correspondent for each Business Information Report request received.

Speed of service: 4 working days

Should you require any further information or have any questions, please contact your local Customer Service Centre.

Business Information Report enquiries which are placed with D&B's Emerging Markets Centre should always contain the below details. Unfortunately, enquiries without the below information have a much higher chance of being returned as an Unable To Locate Report. This is simply due to the fact that data sources in the Emerging Markets are not as sophisticated as those in Western Europe.

  • Full Company Name
  • Full Head Quarters Address (street, town, country)
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number

Any additional information such as a contact name or line of business would also help to locate the subject of your enquiry.


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