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  • Sunday, January 20, 2019

Our Data

The world’s most comprehensive global business database

With information on over 232 million companies that’s updated over 1.5 million times a day through our and patented quality process D&B DUNSRight, you can be confident that D&B’s data and scores can help your business to win.

As of January 2014:

Total businesses in the database: over 232 million

135 million Active companies in the database available for risk, supply, sales & marketing and e-business decisions.

97 million Inactive companies available with historical information for file matching and data cleansing purposes.

Companies by Region

Region Active Companies Total
Africa 1,427,609 2,711,007
Asia Pacific 31,291,550 39,084,539
Europe 56,085,027 96,666,112/td>
Middle East 1,338,085 1,504,879
Latin America 16,866,390 19,928,141
North America 28,123,734 72,798,478
Grand TOTAL 135,132,395 232,693,156