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  • 20 January 2019

Country Report Guides

What information do the Country Report Guides contain?

We have produced a number of Reports Guides to help you understand what data we get from each country. They cover:

  • Country facts and figures
    e.g. International Dialling Code, Legal Currencies, Population, Capital, Language, Time Zone
  • D&B Business Information Report content
    e.g. D&B Rating, D&B Payment Score, Financial Ratios
  • Legal forms
    e.g. Proprietorship, Limited Liability Co, Joint Stock Co, Co-operative
  • Legal filing requirements
    e.g. Financial statements are generally available if the company is a Public Joint Stock company.
  • Data sources and data elements
    A breakdown of information available and where this information is obtained from.
  • Speed of service
    Number of days to process a request.

Click on one of the countries to read a Report Guide.