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  • Sunday, January 20, 2019

About D&B Emerging Markets Centre

Why go to the D&B Emerging Markets Centre for information?

Even if you are closely familiar with your marketplace and your customer base, it is always wise to supplement your own knowledge with information from external sources. These bring fresh viewpoints, update your own records as they become stale over time and add new elements of which you may not be aware. The need for objective, professional information is even greater when you are dealing with new prospects and greatest of all when you plan incursions into unexplored markets.

"Information you can trust to build knowledge of unfamiliar markets."

D&B has been providing business information for over 170 years. We pioneered its development and we continue to lead the way with new products and services, taking advantage of technological advances and the opportunity the Internet now provides. What makes D&B unique is our up-to-date and comprehensive worldwide database of business information encompassing 232 million businesses, linked across 209 countries by our global business identifier, the D-U-N-S® Number. We can provide information on a business’ financial standing, explain how quickly a company settles its bills and assess whether it is likely to be trading in twelve months' time.

The Emerging Markets Centre is the division of D&B that specialises in channelling business information between more of the world’s most interesting developing markets and the industrialised economies. The regions for which the EMC is responsible include Central and Eastern Europe and the smaller European countries clustered in the Mediterranean. In many of these EMC has established subsidiaries or built exclusive relationships with local correspondents who are trained in the practices, methods and standards demanded by D&B. Business information from these regions is available to customers through all D&B offices anywhere. At the same time, customers located in the EMC regions have access to all D&B services both within the regions and in the rest of world.

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